It’s a brand new day in wall panel production, thanks to Terminailer®, a sub-component assembler that quickly and precisely drives 30-70% of the framing nails in any wall panel job – be it batch, or just-in-time production. With just a sole operator, Terminailer drives a whole lot of improvement in efficiency and output. Add increased safety and easy maintenance with off-the-shelf parts, and you can see why Terminailer should be driving greater productivity in your plant.


Terminailer has been in development for nearly ten years by people who build walls and know machinery; it was built to eliminate bottlenecks and to drive production by a demanding wall panel producer. This machine is assembled to exacting standards: it is professionally installed, well-supported, and is easily maintained by your shop’s personnel.

With only one operator setting the pace, the Terminailer semi-automated nailing system quickly and accurately drives 30-70% of the framing nails in your wall panel jobs, whether they are for batch or just-in-time production. All with no complicated training, software or set-up time required, even when switching configurations.


Built to stringent specifications by experienced builders of automated manufacturing equipment, Terminailer utilizes readily available parts from known suppliers. The machine eliminates variables by using time-proven, Bostich N-80(CB1) coil nailers that drive either OEM or generic coil nails for consistent performance and proven reliability. Terminailer functions independent of your design software, requires zero set-up time when switching between any configuration, and requires no special operator training.

Consider all the ways Terminailer can help put your productivity goals together.

  • Very easy to train: can teach anyone who builds walls to run it in minutes
  • Reduces labor requirements: one person can do the work of four assemblers
  • Sets the pace for overall production: One assembler creates the right parts, in the right sequence, at the right time
  • Eliminates nailing injuries associated with sub-component assembly
  • Straightens crooked lumber, reduces the need to cull lumber
  • Tracks daily production by operator: linear feet of material, cycles, and nails driven
  • Event-driven: does not require any outside software to tell it what to do and where to nail
  • Zero set-up time: insert the material, push the foot feed button, and grab the material for the next profile
  • Virtually perfect nail spacing every time ensures code compliance
  • Greatly reduces defect-related back charges
  • Build up to 6-ply stud assemblies easily when selecting “pull-back” mode
  • Nails can be offset from one side to the other on multi-plies per specific engineering requirements: code-compliant product every time
  • Has the ability to place up to 5 rows of nails in lumber of 2×10 to 2×12 (in pull-back mode the operator only handles lumber once)
  • Can nail up to 6 plies wide x12” in height
  • Holds 2,250 nails per coil for each of six nail-guns, for a total of 13,500 nails
  • Small overall machine footprint saves valuable floor space
  • Terminailer comes with a full one-year OEM warranty
  • With factory installation and training, the Terminailer sets up in just hours
  • Complete documentation including an operating manual that covers operations, maintenance, trouble-shooting, and system diagnostics
  • 240vac single phase, 30 Amp, 120 PSI dry air supply required
Terminailer – years in development by people who know the business and wall-panel construction, thoroughly field-tested, and ready to drive maximum productivity for you.

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